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About us

In my youth I was always allowed to go fishing with my uncle once during the summer holidays. I would have been ready for hours in my "fishing jersey" until I was picked up. The combination of car, boat, outboard engine, trailer, water and adventure already made an overwhelming impression.

25 years later I bought my own boat and worked in IT. In search of a suitable slipway, the idea was born, to create a website with all slipways in the world. Why? It wasn't there and I can make it!

By 2022, I am working with many handy people around me. We have an app, more than 200,000 unique visitors per year and more than 30,000 slipways on the map. However, we are far from done with the development of our website and are open to your ideas, questions and cooperation.

- Maarten van der Jagt -


We work together with partners to share our knowledge and expertise. With the help of our partners we are able to bring more information about slipways to you, our partners are: